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We’re the ‘functional leader’.

We took the most complicated and difficult indirect taxation parts and pieced them together into one solution because we wanted to be more capable than anyone else.

“EZtax is focused on developing and delivering cutting edge tax software that continues to revolutionize the way businesses of all types handle their complex taxation needs.”

– EZtax CEO, Tim Lopatofsky

In 1995, Tim Lopatofsky was working as vice president at a large telecommunications firm. Growth was good, but they faced a daunting task; accurately calculate and bill taxes for every minute of phone time for customers living in thousands of city, county, state and national jurisdictions.

The product options available to properly address the task were not promising. At the time, there was only one taxation solution available on the market and it was inefficient, expensive and did not fit well with the firm’s business procedures. Tim, frustrated with the lack of options, assumed an entrepreneurial role and sought to produce a comprehensive solution to the complexity of indirect taxes. Tim’s goal was to create the most robust, efficient, flexible and fast tax engine.

In 1997 EZtax was founded. Today, EZtax sits at the forefront of the tax solution industry and is complemented by numerous product offerings. With their depth of tax knowledge, resources and expert team, EZtax solves tax problems for companies all over the world, of every size and in every possible industry.

Mission – Solves Indirect Tax Challenges

Vision – The Global Market Leader for Indirect Tax Solutions

EZtax Values Code


We honor our commitments and assist our customers and fellow associates to accomplish positive results. Above all, we adhere to the law and lead our professional and personal lives ethically.

The Golden Rule

We treat others as equals and listen to their concerns with passion. We conduct our work with the utmost respect for the common good of our clients, our associates and our company.


We pride ourselves on finding meaningful solutions to our clients’ daily challenges. We foster creativity to share an exciting workplace and to generate excellence in our industry.


We are serious about our work but don’t take ourselves seriously. Above all, we enjoy working with our fellow associates, clients and vendors.


We work together to provide the highest level of support to our clients and associates. Mutual encouragement and acknowledgement are essential to the cooperative, synergistic environment we create.

24-Hour Promise

With 24/7 phone support, EZtax’s customer service is unique. No multi-tier provision. No call center. No Scripts. No on hold messaging. Your entire team has direct access to our experienced staff in software engineering, tax research and sales support. You will reach the most qualified person to answer your question with a 24-hour response promise. It works!