EZtax Engine

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“It is a breath of fresh air to have one stop shopping.  EZtax offers a complete turnkey solution.”

– Anthony Solomon, Transaction Tax Manager, ACN, Inc.

Ahead of the curveEZtax Engine, Ahead of the Curve

We are proven industry leaders. We’ve developed a products and offer services that exceed the demands of our clients and the ever-changing technology. The automation and accuracy of EZtax frees you from the headaches of tax research and processing. The EZtax team ensures precision and gives you peace of mind.

Leader in Functionality

Comprehensive & Innovative

  • Calculates taxes in 70,000-plus tax jurisdictions
  • Calculates tax for more than 100 countries
  • Integrated with billing systems
  • Includes monthly updates for all tax changes
  • Provides free software updates and enhancements
  • Database contains unlimited historical tax rates and logic
  • Provides the ability to calculate taxes for past and future periods
  • Calculates taxes that must be remitted, but cannot be billed  


  • Advanced technology that calculates taxes correctly, no matter how complex – including flat fee, percentage, per item, tax on tax, self-taxing and more!


  • Calculates tax in excess of 3.6 billion transactions per hour
  • 85-125 times faster than competitors’ products

Processing Methods:

  • Real-time software to software integration
  • SaaS (cloud)
  • Batch processing

EZtax Products and Tools

EZtax Products and Tools are flexible, customizable and adjust to your unique tax environments. Our tools are designed for easy access and navigation. The EZtax products are designed to simplify workflows and streamline tax processes while giving a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s tax. We make it EZ!

Features and Configurations include:

  • Tax Storage Database
  • Set-up nexus table
  • Set-up exclusion file (to shut off taxes)

Transaction Defaults

  • Archive zero-tax transactions, service pairs with tax information and general transactions
  • Perform transaction and service type pair validation


  • Set-up bundling
  • Return taxes grouped based on user preferences

Overriding and Tax Calculations

  • Return non-billable taxes to compliance report (as a result taxes are remitted, but not billed to the end-user)
  • Tax on tax once or tax on tax until tax amount is insignificant
  • Perform invoice date validation


  • Use additional user-defined fields for sorting and reporting purposes
  • Add data to an existing compliance report, or create a new one
  • Produces compliance-ready reports
  • Produces management reports
  • EZtax Product Tools
  • EZtax Manager
  • EZtax Internet Viewer and Reference
  • EZtax Rate & Logic Modifier
  • EZtax Bundler